Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Wall of 'Leaps of Faith'

This is the other wall in my old studio space that I recently put back together.  I am calling it the wall of 'Leaps of Faith.'  Usually I wouldn't need to name a wall of paintings  but I just finished reading Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer in which he titles and names everything.  Its very weird prose (if you have read it you know what I mean) but gets in my head, kind of like when I am talking to an English person for a while, I feel the undeniable urge to mimic back to them in an accent.  Does that happen to other people?

Anyway I will tell you a few of the stories as to why I titled it this way.  First, the keystone in the center is a picture of Alex and I at our wedding.  What is more of a leap of faith than committing the rest of your days to someone else?  Even when you had been with them for 11 years previously...  Its in the frame I found a while ago which was a strange leap of faith project on its own...

This picture sort of goes with my story of my humble art beginnings from earlier this week.  It is a drawing I did at age 6 where I guess the teacher posed the question: What would your magic hat let you do?  And so I drew myself doing a self portrait and underneath in the teacher's writing it says "My magic hat would let me be an artist."  My mom found this and surprised me with it framed for Christmas this year.  Pursuing that dream is definitely a leap of faith.

And this little gem is a painting of this exact space, day bed and Nugget.  A few weeks ago Alex and I had a Nugget painting competition.  This was his painting and it won.  I loved it so much I decided to hang it up, because your first painting always requires a leap of faith.  The other pieces required a leap of faith too but they are by other artists and not my stories to tell...


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