Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old Studio Wall Pt. 2

I changed up my 'recent acquisitions' wall again since having my newest favorite painting framed.  Today was a snow day so it was a good project to keep me from going stir crazy.

That painting is by Greg Biché.  It is quite hard to photograph now that it is under glass but see it here, on his website.  Click the link, really, because there are four others in this series and many excellent paintings and drawings.

I also decided to take a better photo showing the John Bokor drawing and Jean Smith painting.  I have access to a computer so I can plug my camera in once more!  Woo, I didn't realize how dependent I am on a computer until it was gone.

I took the other dog painting that was on this wall and moved it to the side wall with a few other serious treasures that I want to share.  I will post that soon, just have to finish it up.


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