Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adelie Bischoff

Adelie Bischoff, Still Life, 1967
Adelie Bischoff -- Where have you been hiding all my life??  Stumbled across this fantastic painting today and was thrown into a frenzy!  I can see the clear relation to her husband and the other Bay Area artists, but the first painting that came to mind was this one: 

Pierre Bonnard, The Bowl of Milk, 1919
Because I have been studying that tabletop for a long time -- and any artist that makes me think of Bonnard and the Bay Area in the same brain wave, in my mind, has great taste and talent.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Casadei Still Lifes at Gross McCleaf

This week my friend Lauren and I dropped in to Gross McCleaf to see their current show, a two person exhibition of Tim Conte and Giovanni Casadei.  There were a lot of nice little paintings by both artists but we got the most discussion out of Casadei's still life paintings.  There are probably about fifteen, with some really nice color and compositional stuff happening.  I was once again re-inspired by another artist's take on the still life and new directions I could take my own work.  The show is open until May 25th.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jet Setting

Since my full time job ended April 30th, I thought I would have so much time (too much time) to blog and think and peruse the internet.  But for the first two weeks I pretty much just jet-set around the country like a socialite haha!  I got lucky in that Alex had a work conference in San Diego that I could accompany him on and my brother had his college graduation in Orlando.  Neither city had too much to share here in terms of pictures or art, but I had fun doing a bunch of little sketches:

This is on the ferry to a little island, Coronado, in San Diego

My dad at the pool in Orlando

A chaise lounge and my mom in the pool in Orlando

It was so much fun, but now I'm back and as you can see I'm blogging and perusing the internet.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Website Updates

I have put some time into updating my website finally!  I should do it more often but its such a pain that I always put it off -- but I have a few new works up and it feels really good to share them because these days the studio has become a pretty solitary practice.