Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ceramicists I'm Looking At

I don't know that these three ceramicists have all that much in common except that I love the way the artists are using the material, the way their hand is so present in the making and the forms feel joyous.  

I was just in a show, Cakehole, at Mrs. Gallery which introduced me to this work by Robert Chamberlin.  These images have been grabbed from his website or instagram, which is a fantastic look into his studio and the making of these vessels.  

The work of Matt Wedel, below, I found directly through Instagram and also really enjoy looking at process and studio shots as well as finished work there.  I would love to see these in person, the scale is really large and sculptural for many of them.

Finally, I really love the work of Saskia Sutherland.  I can't find much digitally, these images below are courtesy of John Davis Gallery, but I first came across the work and still think about it in a show we were in at Queens College.  

I've been thinking a lot about what it would be like to make still life paintings from ceramics.  The shapes and colors in these pieces would keep me sustained for a long time.  I keep thinking too, what would it be like if a painter, like Morandi or Mary Fedden, had one of these objects snuck into their table set ups?  Need to find a ceramic artist to collaborate with...or a wad of cash to start a collection...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Group Show "Got Dressed in the Dark"

The talented and ever generous painter Emil Robinson put together a beautiful little group show in Dayton, Ohio touching on landscape as a theme.   The space is called Divisible, a project space organized by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, a professor at the University of Dayton.   I was honored to be invited to show, alongside some great painters:

Brett Baker, Raleigh North Carolina
Marla Sweitzer, Cincinnati Ohio
Aubrey Levinthal, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Eleanor Ray, New York New York
Catherine Richards, Cincinnati Ohio
Tyler Wilkinson, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Meghan Jean Kinder, San Francisco California
Scott Ramming, Cincinnati Ohio
Chris Peckham, Cincinnati Ohio
Rob Anderson, Cincinnati Ohio
Sean Oswald, Waco Texas
Suzanne Dittenber, Upland Indiana
Shaun Ellison, New York New York

Eleanor Ray



                Brett Baker                                                     Catherine Richards

from left: Marla Sweitzer, me, Eleanor Ray