Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Pick: John Bokor

Vase of Flowers, 2012

Striped Tablecloth, 2013

The Green Bowl, 2011

Burgundy Still Life, 2012

White Tablecloth, 2012

White Tablecloth and Pen Jar, 2012

John Bokor's still life is among work that I can continue to look at and find new things to see and learn from as good painting does.  He uses 'everyday objects' (a phrase I actually hate when referring to still life paintings) for their properties of color, pattern and shape, they are not sentimentally loved but visually loved for those properties.  They are composed almost musically, a rhythm to each painting that is different.  That is part of what I really like, the ability he has to create color relationships and a sense of light unique to each painting.  Many more works can be seen at his gallery in Australia, King Street Gallery.


Unknown said...

was a good show, yes, some nice relationships

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