Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Color and Pattern...Come On In

Turkish Ottoman from a favorite local shop called Woven Treasures on 23rd and South                  
 Spray painted this odd piece Alex got in college that was ugly brown but an essential place to put keys and a drink

We have lived in the same 900 square feet for four years and about three months ago I decided it was time for a bit of updating.  I also decided I had about $250 to do so.  After painting the walls a light, cool gray, I have slowly been making minor additions and changes.  Here are a few of them.

Taped off this chevron pattern and added some pattern to a boring stool with leftover paint
Got a new carpet on overstock for $100 

 Alex's parents gave us this unbelievably gorgeous vase for our one year wedding anniversary that passed this week
My parents scored us this awesome piece of stained glass on a road trip to Florida for $35 off craigslist

And I have big plans for that coffee table in the first picture, just scored off craigslist for a whooping $30.  

Every once in a while I feel miserably constrained by my budget ('do you know how many amazing and weird things we would have if I had a well paying job Alex?') but then I get some ideas and that creative competitive thing (you know what I mean?) kicks in and I think, 'I bet I can do this for under $20, maybe even for $0'.  I really think being resourceful can make up for the missing 50% of my salary that most other people have, it saves so much money and is so incredibly satisfying when the work is done.


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