Thursday, December 13, 2018

New Radicals -- Updates!

Opening 12/1

A lot of good things have happened with New Radicals.  The opening was crowded and actually a fun time.  Lot of positive response and the show received a thoughtful review on from Lev Feigin.  Below are most works in the show, although a few artists had multiple works.  All the images are from Cerulean Arts, so the whole show including image details and availability can be seen here.

Rebekah Callaghan

Mariel Capanna

Samantha Mitchell

Alex Cohen

Evan Fugazzi

Claire Kincade

Adam Lovitz

Dustin Metz

John Mitchell

Bonnie Levinthal

Katie Pomerantz

Liza Samuel

Bill Scott

Leigh Werrell

Here are some install shots, but its much better in person with the natural light in the gallery.

And finally...I gave a little talk about my efforts and thoughts in putting this thing together.  It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and collaborative experience.  I think without teaching my practice has gotten very isolated and this was a welcome way to introduce new thoughts and conversations.

Always and forever talking with my hands...


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