Monday, October 15, 2018

Recent Shows of Note

I admit I have become a bit of a difficult, curmudgeonly visitor recently.  Many shows that have been recommended to me I have found lacking in some way.  I think its probably largely my attitude right now, I'm finding everything too happy for such a depressed climate or too depressing, dragging down an already depressed climate.  Haha, nothing feels right except complaining.  

So I found ways to take small issues with some of the things here but for the most part these are some exhibitions in Philly and NY worth the trip in my opinion.  (P.S. I really understand the Eeyore character from Winnie the Pooh now, I always wished he didn't exist as a kid, I felt bad for him but didn't want to spend the time, now I realize he is there for the adults reading and watching.  Like a little nod, 'you are not alone...' ahhhh) 

Philadelphia, PA

Edwin Dickinson at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Milton Avery in the Dickinson Show
There was an interesting note in the wall text with this painting (which I didn't take a picture of.)  It said something like Dickinson refused to sign the 1953(?) decree against AbEx work that representational painter friends drafted.  I know nothing about this and figured I could google it later but now I can't seem to find any further info.  Anyone know anything or have a source?

Chelsea, New York
Patricia Spergel at The Painting Center

Joan Mitchell at Cheim and Read

Kathy Butterly at James Cohan 

Drea Cofield (detail) at Nancy Margolis Gallery


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