Monday, January 18, 2016

Art Resolution and Ancient Andes Artworks

Feather Hat, Coast Tiahuanaco, Brooklyn Museum

I found this book in my husband's late grandmother's apartment called Ancient Arts of the Andes, published by MOMA in 1954.  As I paged through it I thought, wait, what year is this from??  It is not dated but all examples here are estimated between 400 - 1000 AD.  Unbelievable how much of this drawing language has worked back into the contemporary world.  

Double-spout vessel, Nazca, Carlebach Gallery, New York

Bowl decorated wtih fisherman and nets, Nazca, Carlebach Gallery, New York

Stirrup-spout jar, Mochica, University Museum, Philadelphia

I'm guessing the one above is at Penn's museum, I think I'll try to go see if it is on view or anything similar.

I listened recently to a Sporkful episode.  Its a podcast about a guy who talks about food like whether "it is wrong to eat string cheese without peeling it into strings?" (my answer: yes)  But he did an episode on the new year and how he tries to make a food resolution.  Last year's was to eat more MSG, this year's is to bake a lot of bread from scratch.  

So with that in mind I think I'll start the tradition too, regarding art.  I think last year's, although unrecognized, was to learn how to make good frames and I think I succeeded.  I think this year's will be to look at much more work from ancient eras and also more non-western work.  So ancient non-western wings of museums.  Recently, whenever I am in these spaces by accident or stumble upon a book like this my mind is blown and I get so much of that feeling of needing to get to the studio.  So now I am formally recognizing that fact and making it my art resolution of 2016. 


Uncle J said...

First, "yes" to the string cheese question, second, there are no accidents and third, this year sounds very exciting. UJ.

Unknown said...
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Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks UJ, as always wise pearls of wisdom-- especially regarding the cheese in question ;)

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