Friday, October 2, 2015

Figuration @ Nancy Margolis Gallery

I'm part of an upcoming group show at Nancy Margolis Gallery in Chelsea.  It is titled Figuration Inside/Out and features the work of four women who paint the figure.  Figures have been inching their way into my work a lot in the last year so I am happy to have a chance to show them in this context.  It opens Thursday November 5th 6-8pm. 

As a side note: Fall has been totally chaotic for me.  Like work all weekend busy.  I am teaching three courses and decided to apply to a residency, curate a show, possibly two, write a review, reference letters for my students, the list goes on.  I'm not only getting work ready for this but I have a solo show upcoming in January at Gross McCleaf in Philly.  Even though I have made a ton of paintings (that I think are pretty good actually), when shows draw near the only way to quell my anxiety is to paint more and more.  Which means I put off all the things at the beginning of this paragraph.  And besides that I have a ton of cradling and framing to do.  Not trying to make excuses may be a little while before I get around to posting quality, non self-involved items here.  In the meantime, here are a few new paintings of mine that will be in the show...(there's the self-involved posting I was just  referring to...)

Bed's Edge, 2015, Oil on Panel 24 x 24

Bitchy Brunch, 2015, Oil on Panel, 40 x 40

The Thinker, 2015, Oil on Panel, 24 x 24


Unknown said...

Congratulations Aubrey--the new work is so good. Those patterns!!

Shelley Whiting's art said...

I love how the space is separated by textile patterns. Very exquisite and original work.

Unknown said...

Fantastic Work! Your colors are sublime

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