Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sunday Pick: Jean Brusselmans

Dilbeek Sous La Neige, 1938

Winter, 1925

Jardin Sous La Neige, 1942 

Seringen, 1934

I've been enjoying the paintings of Belgian artist Jean Brusselmans (1884-1953).  His use of white, black and chromatic grays is really strong.  I also think the stylized mark making, although typical of the time feel somehow specific enough to be fresh today.  I am most drawn to his landscape works, particularly snow scenes, but think the vase of flowers above is beautiful in its play with flatness and pattern.  


Art Work by Paula Swaydan Grebel said...

Nice post Aubrey. Have you seen his paintings in person. Your analysis is very good. psg

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Paula, I have not seen in person. I hope to though. Someday...

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