Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Friday and Weekend Festivities

Ben Jones, Still Life, Oil on Canvas, 8.5 x 12 inches
This post contains my personal list of must-hit shows this holiday.  Tried and true secrets in the sea of mediocre craft bazaars this time of year.  

1.  The first show is not a holiday show per se, it has serious, career painters in it.  Lilies, Figs and Folly is a still life show curated by Bill Scott at Cerulean Gallery.  But it has a whimsical air to it that is nice this time of year and at least 35 pieces that could make a really beautiful gift.  Click that link  for prices and images, but even better come to the opening on Friday from 5-8pm! (Reading that back it sounds very commercial and lame, I think the language of black Friday has infiltrated my brain.  But really, why wait in an 8hr line to buy a tv when you can buy an original painting at a wine and cheese event?  Artists are so civilized.)  The painting above by Ben Jones, the one below by Claire Kincade and the one after by me, Giant Salad, are all going to be there.  

Claire Kincade, If I Had a Stage, Oil on Panel, 24 x 20

Giant Salad, 2014, Oil on Panel, 16 x 20

2.  This I should really not tell anyone else about.  PAFA's website has hidden it deep in its vault.  I always chalked that up to negligent IT but I'm starting to think it is purposeful placement.  Literally took me 10 minutes to find the page.  The holiday print sale (click link for said page) is happening on Friday from 5:30 - 8:30pm and its one of the best things going.  Students sell gorgeous original prints in the printmaking studios for dirt cheap because they are students and you get to take advantage of them and buy the best of the best.

3.  The University City Arts League, where I worked for many years, is having its annual craft show.  A favorite of mine with many west philly artists participating, high-quality ceramics and jewelry are always a sure thing.  They even have a swanky postcard this year:

4. The Clay Studio, a personal philly favorite for gifts for others and myself  is having a holiday sale on Friday and Saturday.  

5.  The Center for Creative Works in Ardmore, Pa is having a sale on Thursday from 4:30 - 7:30.  So yea, this is actually the first thing happening on my list...tomorrow!  In truth, I haven't been to the building before but I saw this show and loved a lot of what was being made there.


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