Friday, December 19, 2014

Best of: Drawing I

I sort of see why a lot of teaching jobs want people with two years of experience.  This will be my fourth semester teaching this same class at the same school and I finally feel like I have the curriculum nearly just right.  

The anxiety of doing it on the fly the first few times has rewards, a lot of surprising drawings come about, seems like both terrible and fantastic.  But many of these students have never drawn from life before and some have never drawn at all.  So I needed to find the speed and types of assignments that work for them as a group.  And I think it created a really solid bunch of drawings this time.  Which is really what a foundation course should do right?  I felt for the first time like every single student came away with an understanding of drawing principles, some stronger than others but still, I'm confident they are all ready to move forward, and that was good.  

Now I think its time for me to up the crotchety, scary, tough thing.  When I started out I figured the best way to have understanding students was to be an understanding instructor and that worked.  But for 2015 I'm going for that equally liked but feared dynamic. 


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