Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Pick: Julie Moon


Crystalline Flowers, 2014

Abstract Flowers (Blue with white dashes), 2014

Orange Bubble, 2014

Recently, I keep finding myself pulling up Julie Moon's work (saved in my favorites) to bring me a kind of all-encompassing joy.  The last month or so has brought a seriousness and multitude of 'reality checks' (hate that term).  From very upsetting to downright stupid, its felt like a never ending line that grows with the darkening weather.  Coming off the wonderful summer I had, it should have been expected but I liked living in what I can best describe as walking into a Matisse painting.  Anyway, these ceramics have that same kind of whimsy and heart-wrenching happiness.  I am using them as a daily dose of uppers.   

Moon was a resident artist at the Clay Studio here in Philadelphia where she had a beautiful show of these works in early fall.  She has a bunch of other interesting work on her website too.  Check it out! 


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