Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Studio Upgrades

Having a bit more time this summer to commit to the studio, I have taken on a few very needed and necessary projects.  I just didn't feel like I could give up any hours to diy ideas which can stretch into much more complex things with me sometimes.  Luckily, these two were really easy and I am really happy to have put in the time.

The first is shelves for viewing paintings.  I needed a clean space to look at both finished and unfinished paintings.  I also needed it to be eye level because looking down at a painting on the floor is very different than when it is at this height.

It was weirdly easy -- using leftover moulding from frames that had a lip, I painted the wall and shelves white.  Then I used brackets to secure them in place .

The second project was creating storage racks for my paintings.  They had been leaning against each other in a pile which gave me such an uneasy feeling every time I looked at it.  I had researched buying one of these at one point and it was oddly expensive (as art supplies have to be for some reason).  

But then recently I came across a genius idea of someone else's here.

I made it one step cheaper actually than his method by deleting the pegboard step.  I had this shelving unit from Ikea that already had holes in the shelves.  So I bought another for $35 and using dowels that I cut to length, I divided up the space.  So far both projects are proving totally worth the minimal effort and investment.  


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