Sunday, March 2, 2014

Studio needs (or wants...whatever)

Carol Ross, The Clay Bungalow

A few days ago I had some visitors to my studio who were not close friends or family and were interested in possibly buying a painting.  As I shoddily put things in order, swept and tried to clean paint off the only comfortable chairs, I thought, 'oh I should make some tea for them.'  Which is possible thanks to a studiomate's water heater thing.  But then as the water is steaming, I realize I only have one cup which I drink out of and is totally stained and ugly.  So there was no tea.  Which reminds me that my studio is mainly functional but not quite yet comfortable.  I definitely need to buy a microwave (is that a weird thing to get on craigslist? can't decide)

Jessyca Burke, Luola
Lee West, LeeWestArt

But I thought it would be nice to get some interesting mugs, some that belong in a studio and also support other artists.  So I perused etsy (and 2 hours later) found some really great new shops and ceramic pieces and also some on the border of terrible and awesome.

Stephanie Kantor, stephaniekan

Justin Rothshank, Rothshank

Then in true 'give a mouse a cookie..' fashion I thought, god I should have a good apron to match these stylin' cups....

Erica Browne, MiMo Project

Cyber Witch, Friends4evr

Izzarie K., Izzashop

Maybe next paycheck.


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