Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ceramic Cakes, Pies and Necklaces

I've had this recent desire to make things that are three-dimensional.  Not instead of painting but alongside.  I remember feeling that way a bit at the beginning of graduate school.  Seems like a way to put less pressure on the work and find new avenues to explore.  I had been building cardboard pieces of food in my studio including a pop tart, sushi, a sandwich, a taco and having a great old time.  

This week I'm a bit stuck at home (Nugget had her second leg surgery).  So I am determined to continue making work and being productive to avoid the situation last time.  I had some oven bake clay from another project and decided I would see what I came up with.

So I made a piece of vanilla cake, a piece of key lime (my friend's birthday is this week and cake seems to be an ever-present shape in my work) and a bird pendant necklace.  I spray-painted the raw baked clay gold (on left) and then used glossy house paints to finish them.


I think I'm finally going to sign myself up for a ceramics class at UCAL.  I haven't taught there in close to a year so it feels okay to return and spend some time there.  They have a great ceramics teacher and a lot of extra open studio hours. I picture creating a whole refrigerator worth of ceramic food and it just sounds like the best time.


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