Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Few Notes

My second computer just died.  So I'm on a bit of a blog-less streak which coincides with this week marking a year since I began ' Sunday picks'.  As much as I've enjoyed posting some favorite painters I feel like the backlog of artists I want to share is much smaller and I have an idea for a new sort of project for this year.  So for now I'm thinking of being a bit more sporadic.

Due to the computer situation, images are quite the ordeal to load unless taken directly from my phone camera.  So I apologize but I did see two good shows over the last week that I recommend. (check out the links for a visual)

First one was Reprefantasion at Fleisher-Ollman.  The other was William H Johnson at Arthur Ross Gallery which is on UPenn's campus.  Both were the kind of shows that require slow looking and reward with continual discovery of the painter's thoughts and process.  The best kind of painting.

Penn's campus is where I took the above pictures of an amazing tree and a salivating gargoyle. 


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