Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Pick: Daniel Heidkamp

I think Daniel Heidkamp is the perfect artist to bid adieu to the carefree and joyful season of summer.  His paintings possess those qualities along with a beautiful sense of light.  His work touches on some of my personal favorite painters from Porter to Hockney to Guston, while feeling very much his own and of this particular time in painting.

As for summer, I am sorry to see it go with Labor Day each year, but this year as things are changing for me (new jobs, new studio...) I am looking forward to fall and the different landscape and shape of things it brings:

Daniel Heidkamp is an artist who works in Brooklyn, New York, more of his work and info on shows etc can be found at his website here.


annamaria potamiti said...

These are brilliant, I just can't get enough of them! Thank you for sharing them here.

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