Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gross McCleaf Show: Cards Are In!

So, so excited to share this!  Cards for my two person show are in!  This is of course the digital version but I am so pleased with it, this way and in person.  It is reversible with an image from each of us.  Lauren is a great friend and wonderful painter so I couldn't be more thrilled to be showing with her.

We have worked on the show for a couple months, visiting each others' studios a few times, discussing the themes over coffee and emailing a ton.  Its amazing the work and worry that can go in behind the scenes. 

 Just deciding on a title was such a process (enjoyable but long).  We sent each other about twenty options.  Finding What Was Not was one of Lauren's and I thought it was so fitting for what unites our work.  We both look at the everyday and find interest in things commonly passed over.  And as a sort of second meaning, we are both painters who through filtering our own realities and process, end up making paintings that don't really factually quote from life but paint things a way they were not. 

Lauren is amazing that way.  She has a real ability to put her finger on the pulse, but in the most unpretentious and economical way.  She never overfluffs (that should be a word) things and as a result I find so much of what she says poignant.  Her paintings work in just that way too.  SO -- you must come to the show to see!

Opens October 4th 5-7!  I will post pictures of the show and other related things.  Right now we are in the frantic stage of mailing cards, wiring work and packing it up to get to the gallery.


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