Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Pick: Gastone Breddo

One of my recent Sunday Pick artists, David Holt, was kind enough to be in touch and give me a few artists he thought I may enjoy.  Sure enough, they were right up my alley, especially Gastone Breddo (1915-1991).  Breddo was the head of the Florence Academy in the 60s, 70s and 80s (where Holt studied -- always connections between great painters it seems).  He was born in Italy and spent most of his life there in Tuscany and Venice.

I spent a semester abroad in Florence studying art.  I remember wondering how it would be to have a career in a place that has such a long history of art and such a strong identity.  Of course I was only an undergraduate student but I felt almost paralyzed to make my own work in that context.  

I love seeing Breddo's work which filters Italian painting through a personal perspective and also relates to so many other favorite international still life painters.  I learned from my teachers in Florence immensely but what an experience it would have been to hear from a painter like Breddo and look at his paintings in person!  Just a few years too late.  Still I am very grateful to David for introducing me to the work, even if it is only virtually for now.


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