Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Etsy Artist Love: Nancy Gruskin

Happy Spring Everyone!  It is finally giving a glimpse of itself with weather in the 50's this week.  

To match the delight that I feel about that, is a beautiful new etsy shop by Nancy Gruskin.  She does wonderful gouache and acrylic paintings and they are incredibly affordable.  I love the way she handles the paint and compositions with such freedom.

We have been in touch a little over the past few months sharing favorite artists and resources.  She just sent me an awesome artist who I will be featuring for this Sunday Pick so stay tuned!  Thanks Nancy!

And I must say again I just love this spirit of sharing and well wishes I have felt recently on my blog.  I remember before starting my blog, finding artists I loved and being hesitant to tell others about them, almost like a feeling of possession.  But now I find sharing just brings more and having a community to enjoy this excitement with is essential to me these days -- you all have made me a more generous artist and I am better for it -- so thank you.


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