Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Pick: Tshuta Kimura

I have mentioned the work of Kimura here previously.  But I just thought I would highlight more of his work again, as I have been enjoying it a lot recently.  

He was born in 1917 in Japan but spent a lot of his life in France, where he passed away in 1987.  There is not a lot about his work or life online -- I was lucky enough to have a professor introduce me to it.   I found a beautiful book in the library of which I snapped some photos and have looked at from time to time ever since.  

The work seems very relevant for painters today.  For me the marriage of color, line and sensation hit a perfect chord.  You can feel him moving through a park or observing a fountain, but the paintings become worlds unto themselves where the only logic that rules is created by Kimura alone.


Stan Kuiperi said...

I discovered Kimura's work one rainy day in the early 1980's when roaming the streets of Paris and stumbling upon Galerie Yumiori. His paintings profoundly impressed me, and his authenticity inspired me from that day on to the present. I have never again seen anything like the unique landscapes this artist created, and his 1980 catalog is still one of my most prized possessions. As an abstract landscape painter, I'm constantly reminded by his work to be true to myself. Thank you for this blog!

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