Monday, June 4, 2012

NY Shows

I went up to Chelsea last week for some gallery browsing.  Most of what was there, we decided, was mid-career artists with a name that did not deliver anything new to look at or think about.  But a few shows made the trip worthwhile.

1. Kathy Bradford at Edward Thorp 

2. Janice Nowinski at Bowery Gallery

3. Maira Kalman at Julie Saul

4. Chantal Joffe at Cheim and Read

5. Kathryn Lynch at Sears Peyton
(no image)

These were the few and far between artists I saw as making interesting work.  They all seemed to be making it for the personal joy and struggle of it.  For me they felt like shows where the artist was swept up in their practice, and showing it after that experience (which should be normal) -- but many of the shows that fell flat, seemed like the artist was too self conscious of making a show that felt cohesive or fit the gallery space or that critics would recognize.  I also get a lot of joy out of the fact that as I compiled this list I noticed that they were all women taking these risks and engaging in serious and daring practices.  


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