Monday, May 14, 2012

Jet Setting

Since my full time job ended April 30th, I thought I would have so much time (too much time) to blog and think and peruse the internet.  But for the first two weeks I pretty much just jet-set around the country like a socialite haha!  I got lucky in that Alex had a work conference in San Diego that I could accompany him on and my brother had his college graduation in Orlando.  Neither city had too much to share here in terms of pictures or art, but I had fun doing a bunch of little sketches:

This is on the ferry to a little island, Coronado, in San Diego

My dad at the pool in Orlando

A chaise lounge and my mom in the pool in Orlando

It was so much fun, but now I'm back and as you can see I'm blogging and perusing the internet.


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