Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Art Fix at Work

Before I had a full time job, I spent a LOT of time perusing the internet, following one art site to the next, looking for really amazing artworks and artists I hadn't seen before.  It really became quite an addiction to be honest, and really time consuming.

Being at work 40 hours a week was a big adjustment in a lot of ways and one of the first things that had to go was so much time in pursuit of my next great find.  For many reasons working so much is difficult still but my one problem solved is looking for artists.  

Being in admissions, over the last month or so I have looked at hundreds of portfolios.  Many are forgettable, some are very good, and some are drop dead delightful.  Pieces like the anonymous student portfolio work above floor me and they are even sweeter because most of the time the student doesn't even know how incredible they are.  So, in sum, I now get paid to have my addiction come to me and I then get to tell the artist how fantastic they are about to be.  And that part of my job is pretty spectacular.


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