Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ken Kewley

Ken Kewley is a truly amazing painter, one of the few living painters' works I have seen and thought of as a contemporary master. This weekend I had the opportunity to see a lot of his works in person and it was one of the best and most overwhelming bodies of work I have ever seen.  Some of my personal favorites are his quick studies from life of the figure and landscapes.

These images I found on in his picasa albums here which will provide me with even more hours of looking.  The thing I find most amazing is how inventive he is in each piece with color, composition, subject etc.  None of his works are precious to him and as a result so many turn out successful and fresh.

If you would like to see some in person and are in Philly, there will be a small show of about 15 works on the 3rd floor for the next few weeks.  This is because Ken will be teaching a master class at PAFA the weekend of April 14th which I so wish I could attend!


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