Monday, March 26, 2012

Elizabeth Bishop 1911-1979

Sleeping on the Ceiling

{It is so peaceful on the ceiling!
It is the Place de la Concorde.
The little crystal chandelier
is off, the fountain is in the dark.
Not a soul is in the park.

Below, where the wallpaper is peeling,
the Jardin des Plantes has locked its gates.
Those photographs are animals.
The mighty flowers and foliage rustle;
under the leaves the insects tunnel.
We must go under the wallpaper
to meet the insect-gladiator,
to battle with a net and trident,
and leave the fountain and the square
But oh, that we could sleep up there...} 

I don't really know what this poem is supposed to mean but to me sounds like what I feel when I paint and how I feel when I think about the things I like to paint.


Cato said...

love it Aubrey, thanks for your posts, we have a common interest in art and I love your comments as well, great!

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Katja! I really appreciate it and really love your work! Good to hear from you :)

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