Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zeuxis at MICA

Stanley Friedman, Layers
I'm back from my work trip to DC and in between the mayhem of schools visits, portfolio days and gps detours I was able to sneak in some fabulous exhibition time.  My first stop was to MICA to see The Common Object show featuring work by the still life association Zeuxis.

John Goodrich Ceramic Basket and Fruit
There was a lot of work in the show, with the premise being to use an ordinary dish towel to create a work which exceeds its subject matter and is interesting to the viewer mainly for its painted life.  I would say this was true for about half of the works for me -- and those are the pieces and painters I'll show here.  I was particularly drawn to the painters who used this white towel but painted it with rich darks and luminous blues, bright oranges -- pushing color and depth in white has been preoccupying me recently.

Sydney Licht, Still Life with Common Objects

Janice Nowinski, Still life with Cloth


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