Saturday, January 28, 2012

Julian Hatton Lecture

Headdress Blue Leaves, 2011, Monoprint

This past Thursday I went to Julian Hatton's lecture at PAFA during my lunch break.  Rarely would I rather listen to someone talk about themselves than gobble down my lunch but this was an exception.

Accompanying Hatton's talk were a ton of visuals of his work and his inspirations in his slideshow.
Spring Melt, 2007-8, Oil on Canvas

He spoke a bit about a little voice in his head.  He said he didn't know how to verbally explain what he did with color or composition but a little voice would say 'use yellow', or 'make a big blue shape--that would be funny' or 'try lines'.  He said for the longest time because he didn't have an MFA or feel formally trained he didn't feel like an artist and just went with his instincts.  He said he always was drawn to landscapes and the challenge of marrying them with his hand and the abstractions that it made.  
Places in Between, 2010, Oil on Canvas
These things really resonated with me, even having gone through an MFA program I still many times feel like I improvise to the finish with little comprehension of 'the rules', just a little voice guiding me through.

I am guessing a lot if not all artists feel like this at some points, doing what they can to express that which they are drawn to.  I would also guess this is when the best works are made, Hatton as the first example.


Harting Communications LLC said...

Very nice. Thank you for this post. I spoke with my friend Julian on the phone this afternoon. I particularly like Places in Between, the blue-green color palette, and the composition's sense of depth: foreground, middleground, background.

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