Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vuillard's The Reader

Vuillard, The Reader, 1896

Every year for the holiday my mom gets me a planner with paintings in  it.  They are from Pomegranate if you want one, which I posted about in the post below.

Anyways, I can never help myself from immediately looking through the whole year of pictures.  This 2012 edition had Vuillard's painting in it and I just adore it.  The spatial illusions that he has created through pattern here are genius!  After a few minutes of looking the whole thing levitates up and off the paper.  What I would give to see this 84 x 61 inch beauty in Paris.  A masterpiece.

I'm gathering some thoughts on pattern and piling space which are paramount to my recent paintings and I think I'll do a few posts on that coming up.  


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