Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ann Truitt Film

Recently I visited the Delaware Art Museum, it was a really brief and uneventful trip in general but I stumbled upon one gem. They have a small show of Anne Truitt's work called Luminosities. Just about a dozen pieces, I was quite drawn to a few works on paper but most delighted by the short film titled Ann Truitt: Working by Jem Cohen.

Confession: this may be the first movie I have watched from start to finish in a gallery, its just hard to hold my attention for a long time when I know how many other things of visual interest are around the next corner. But this video was really visually acute and seemed to match the aesthetics of Truitt's interview. It's hard to find online but worth trying to see; here are some excerpts from it on PBS's website and I have put in a few stills here.


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