Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Degas at the MFA

Degas Seated, 1895 (this photo is in the show)

There is a fabulous little show up at the MFA Boston. I got the chance to see it because I am in New England for the week for work and it was quite a bonus. The show is Degas and the Nude and its just a few rooms of primarily works on paper.

It was really great because Degas is one of the larger than life greats for me who was pretty untouchable. In person, I have mainly only seen large paintings of dancers or one drawing here or there, so he was never a personal connection before.

Getting to see so many small works, sketches, and monotypes completely changed that. The works were really stunning, direct and process based. I was really blown away by th
e monotypes; such complex yet simple compositions, black and white and tender but powerful. Took me forever to find even this crappy image online too so try to see the show!

Degas, Woman Drying her Feet (my favorite)


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