Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kimura Reflections

Tshuta Kimura, Country House in Provence, 1984

I just read an article by Arthur Danto on Kimura which is very poignant. I can't put it in his words but here's what I gathered: Kimura paints what is underneath the imagery of landscape. Its as if he paints what swells up from under namable trees, grass and flowers when that ecstatic, nostalgic fall sun hits your back. He captures visually what I experience through all my senses plus memory. Its smell, sound, sight, touch, memory all funneled through and replayed in the visual. So for me the experience of his paintings is completely overwhelming.

Re-reading that I actually don't know if that is quite what the article said but that's where it took me anyway. Probably because when I think about my own work that is also what I work to do, although I could never work from landscape. When I paint Alex and I eating breakfast its about funneling the smell of coffee, sound of the heater, sight of the morning light, touch of the spoon and memory of doing this over 600 times at Rodman street all back through the visual. What a powerful and impossible task.


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