Saturday, October 15, 2011

Intimations Show

Alex in front of Night Couch (versions of reality and my painted reality in one picture!)

I am part of a really nice show at Hopkins House Gallery of Contemporary Art. I was so flattered to be invited to this show featuring the work of Michael Bartmann, Roger Chavez, Alex Cohen, David Campbell and two other artists I wasn't familiar with Kyle Stevenson and Jeanine La Claire.

The show was curated by Bruce Garrity who did a really amazing job of putting together artists and works that seem to compliment each other and work from the same perspective but still in very personal ways. The title Intimations seems to say it; work that hints, suggests and implies. Works that come from experience and life and are retold in another reality, a painted reality.

The show is on until October 29th, so please stop through!


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