Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woodmere Shows

Still Life, Elizabeth Godshalk Burger 1940

Dancing Waters 2, Jan Baltzell (a great PAFA professor) 1991-92

Mountain, Beach in Maine, Rose Naftulin, date unknown

Still Life, Catherine Mulligan (PAFA graduate), 2008

I went out to the Woodmere Museum a few days ago with a few PAFA people for my second time. This, like my first visit, really exceeded my expectations. There are a bunch of different shows going on until June 26th that flow so nicely through the space and the works themselves. Kudos to the curator for bringing together different time periods and ways of working. It really got me thinking about what things stay the same for all artists.

It was especially enjoyable to see so much good work made by Philadelphia women artists (note all images above). The Woodmere apparently specializes in Philadelphia region artists and so many of the artists I was familiar with but rarely see the work in person or can find online. (note poor image quality above! I had to take photos of the catalog) Check it out in person! Chestnut Hill's main drag is right down the street and so perfect for a summer stroll post-Woodmere.


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