Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'd Rather Be Painting in England

While I'm on the topic of English painters (see previous post) I will tell you that I think they have way better contemporary painters than we do here in the US, in general. Okay maybe I am just developing a reason to need to go back to London because I can think of US painters I love and admire but still--check out these works from artists of the New English Art Club for starters: (where all these images came from)

Roy Freer, Oil, Subdued Finding, 27 x 31

Roy Freer, Oil, Shelf Grouping, 24 x 30

Duncan Wood, High Rake I, Oil, 19 x 23

Duncan Wood, Oil, Still Life With Shadow, 22 x 29

Michael Whittlesea, Suffolk in Winter II, Oil, 15 x20

Michael Whittlesea, The Cricket Ground in Winter III, Oil, 17 x 17


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