Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gross McCleaf: Places, Everyone

About a week ago, I stopped by Gross McCleaf gallery and saw the Places, Everyone show. I thought it had some interesting pieces, especially for this gallery which seems to be more traditional usually. I thought Sarah Gamble's work most embodied what they all seemed after: something of whimsical childhood turned on its ominous head.

Mt. Mansfield, oil on panel, 24x24, Gross McCleaf Gallery

I also thought a lot about how the show was curated as I walked through. I felt little strings that brought them together but also the distinct visions of each artist. Later I found out the show was curated by artist Mark Brosseau, who recently showed at Bridgette Mayer. I liked reading his statement on the show and generally like seeing painters curate painters. I wish there was a blog about contemporary painting in Philly, or maybe I just haven't found it yet. I read the artblog faithfully but it is most concerned with performance, video and DIY type shows. Getting local, contemporary painters' opinions is always so useful and interesting to me.


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