Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plants and Trinkets

I've been a bit distracted by summer recently to post but I have been taking some photos of our plants as they grow and some of my new trinkets and changes around our place:

Finally got some of our art up on the wall and this amazing starburst clock from my parents was an early birthday gift.

Little glasses from Alex's mom that catch the sun on our window sill.

An old door stop from Sue that keeps our bedroom door open to get a breeze.

Our tomato plant out our bedroom door (2 tomatoes so far!)

An arrangement of greens from my cousin's garden in my grandmom's crystal. It's lasted forever and I have started adding some herbs and leaves from my own garden.

Succulents from my good friend Leah's wedding last summer, they're still going strong after the long haul back from California.

We got some string lights to hang across the back. I've got to get a picture of them twinkling at night.


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