Monday, May 24, 2010

Jennifer Levonian

I went to see a two-person show (Levonian and Campuzano) at Fleisher-Ollman about a week ago and loved it. I have been eager to see a full video of Jennifer Levonian's because there are only snippets on her website.( It was great. The premise of my favorite of the two was a bridal shower and all the silly things that come with it. It was really funny and humble in a way but also depressing.

Both artists related to something I read in an interview with Amy Sillman (this is the last thing I will write about her for a little while). She said she loves the idea of awkwardness and her feelings were crystalized in a book by Sianne Ngai called Ugly Feelings. It sort of explains that in the past grand feelings like beauty, power, violence etc. were important and depicted in art but now people feel 'b-list' feelings more strongly like irritation, boredom, disgust, stupidness etc. I loved that and look for that in work too and found it in Levonian and Campuzano's works. Now I have to go read Ngai's book.


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