Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Must See: Nathalie du Pasquier @ ICA

What a thrill!  Nathalie du Pasquier, a painter I have admired for a long time (wrote about her here in March 2015) has a retrospective right here in Philly at the Institute of Contemporary Art.  It is so so good.  She worked with curators to organize the space to encompass her career as a textile designer and painter so that rugs are hanging on the wall, paintings are on shelves, objects are hung like paintings.  It is such a perfect installation, and gets at interesting ideas about art making.  I like that her previous career wasn't hidden away, seems difficult to bridge those worlds and be taken seriously in both.  Its insightful to see how her work and emphasis shifts through a long career.  And it is joyful.  A much needed antidote.


(Clyde enjoyed the trip too)

The show runs through December 23.


Gerald Blanco said...

The work is excellent, some power I would like to observe his collection closely, scarcely I finish of discovering him but I am delighted.

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