Monday, April 3, 2017

Group Show "Got Dressed in the Dark"

The talented and ever generous painter Emil Robinson put together a beautiful little group show in Dayton, Ohio touching on landscape as a theme.   The space is called Divisible, a project space organized by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, a professor at the University of Dayton.   I was honored to be invited to show, alongside some great painters:

Brett Baker, Raleigh North Carolina
Marla Sweitzer, Cincinnati Ohio
Aubrey Levinthal, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Eleanor Ray, New York New York
Catherine Richards, Cincinnati Ohio
Tyler Wilkinson, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Meghan Jean Kinder, San Francisco California
Scott Ramming, Cincinnati Ohio
Chris Peckham, Cincinnati Ohio
Rob Anderson, Cincinnati Ohio
Sean Oswald, Waco Texas
Suzanne Dittenber, Upland Indiana
Shaun Ellison, New York New York

Eleanor Ray



                Brett Baker                                                     Catherine Richards

from left: Marla Sweitzer, me, Eleanor Ray


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