Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Pick: Snow Painters

Mamma Andersson

Eilif Amundsen

Alex Katz

Today's Sunday Pick has to be about snow.  Usually the weather channel totally overplays the fact that snow is coming to our area so badly that everyone is dug-in, decked-out in snow pants and boots, 10 gallons of hot chocolate stashed away, 4 flashlights and a couple of rolls of tape (why do they always recommend this as a necessary supply?) as about 3 flakes fall and wither on the sidewalk.  

Today was the opposite.  No one was talking about a storm coming and we got about 6+ inches.  Snow was suddenly on everyone's minds, a kind of welcoming of the season that was marked simultaneously with giddy delight and anxiety, depending on your personality.  For Nugget, it was the latter.  I spent about an hour in the car with her nervous cries as she looked out the window, so I was with her, until we got off the road and out of the car and looked around at the beauty that snow brings as it covers the normal eyesores with its white, puffy purity.

I have always, always loved paintings of snow and above are three of my favorite artists' interpretations.  I have also been working through a mess of a painting in my studio of a snow day that is about 50 x 50 inches, so it has been on my brain.  Happiest of snow days to you.  Enjoy it before its beauty quickly turns to the ugliest of things; gray slush hitting you in the face as the bus drives by at 900 miles an hour (more commonly known as: Monday morning, waaa waaaah).


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Hi Aubrey, Great blog! Really enjoyed your posts. Also, congratulations on your position at Rowan. Paula Cahill

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