Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Drawings from Teaching

This semester I taught two college courses in beginning drawing, involving the figure as subject some of the time.  In a couple of the classes I drew alongside students because many times it is easier to show things than explain them verbally.  I felt a little weird about it, first because students seem to expect the world of their instructor (gulp) and also because I definitely do not want to be the type that pushes students to make work in the same way as they do.  But,,, I do remember vividly loving when my professors would draw in class and I could see drawings in their various states of finish, so I bit the bullet.

I'm not really sure whether these ended up being beneficial to students at all.  But they were beneficial to me, which I didn't anticipate.  The way I feel about making quick, small paintings from life, the release and risk it allows for is what I found in doing these drawings.  I had the simple pleasure of putting charcoal to paper, one corner to the other.  These are some of the drawings going from about 5 minute drawings at the top to 10 seconds by the end.  I think they will be helpful in the studio too, when making paintings of figures without reference.


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