Friday, October 19, 2012

Elaine Pamphilon

I thought this artist, Elaine Pamphilon, was an interesting one who I have looked at on occasion.  She lives and works in Cornwall which is somewhere in the UK on the sea, so naturally I'm jealous.  But I can sense that immediately from her work.  Beautiful grays and lines and space reminiscent of Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Mary Fedden and a few other great painters from there.

I feel a sort of kindred spirit to her interest in things, patterns and odd little arrangements.

I tend to like the pieces which have less text -- they are a bit less illustrative but I like learning from these pieces how she negotiates the place between painting and illustrating.

And she paints succulents and Marimekko dishware from time to time so what's not to love!


Lari Washburn said...

I just checked out your Etsy shop. I think your work is fantastic. So full of life. You must be a reader of Robert Henri!

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks so much Lari!

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