Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anthropologie Skirt Design

I was given a really awesome opportunity to design a skirt for Anthropologie.  Due to its partnership with PAFA, there was a competition to design a skirt that would be for sale in stores.  Truly shockingly, my design was one of those chosen.  Below are pictures I took of my original piece.

They asked for a brief statement of inspiration and then whisked it off to I don't know where, (I like to picture a beautiful Santa meets whimsical garden factory workshop) be made last spring. 
Below is that statement:

My design was inspired by my routine dog walks by a community garden in my neighborhood.  Right at the point where day and night meet, it seems everything in there glows more brilliantly -- like the flowers are frantically sending the last bits of their beauty into the night before settling into the darkness.

Then finally after what felt like years of waiting (but was actually very quick considering they sent the design to be mass produced with each skirt handpainted) the final skirt was debuted:

Me and my good friend Jen at the PAFA event
These pictures are from a PAFA event on October 25th featuring the skirts which will officially be on sale in stores November 1st!  I was extra excited to see that the title Night Garden and my name are on the hang tag!


derrick quevedo. said...

Congrats on the skirt Aubs! The skirts look great. What an opportunity!

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Derrick :)

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