Thursday, February 8, 2018

Postcard from the Studio

I've been working in the studio like a mad man.  I have 13 paintings heading to Volta in March and on top of finishing them I am building all the frames, you can barely see the floor most days.  But the space still manages to be the most sanctuary-like of any space in my life.  I'm so thankful for it and the fact that I have something so fulfilling to do for work.  I think after this semester I am leaving teaching for a while.  It's been good, there are things I will miss, but my plate is too full and happily I'm busy in the studio for now.  

A few of my new paintings are about making paintings and looking at paintings.   Seems like the thing I am seeing a lot and thinking about a lot so inevitably it becomes the subject.  And tulips.  There is nothing better to look at in the winter than tulips.


ngruskin said...

Amen to tulips. :-)

The snippets of work in these photos looks great. Timely post--just beginning a painting I already know will have the title of "A Lot on My Plate."

Barry Levinthal said...

You must have always had an affinity for looking at tulips as your first sentence was "Tulips all gone". Haha LD

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