Saturday, June 17, 2017

Henri Hayden

I was reading through a monograph on a favorite painter, Mary Fedden, recently where Henri Hayden's work was mentioned this way:  "to domesticate the language of heroic cubism and bring it into a private conversation of familiar things."  

I thought that was so exactly what I love in many of the painter's work I love and also work I find overlooked at times.  Its not always cubism, but some larger consideration or movement of painting -- color, space, shape etc.  brought up against the intimate world of personal life and objects.  Bonnard dealing with post impressionist questions of color, Biala dealing modernist ideas of flattening the picture plane, Morandi's plastic concerns for placement, volumes and illusion.  To work out these things in the often dismissed subject matter of grapes and vases is such a feat, and a radical pleasure to behold them as a viewer.


ERobinson said...

Wow! some gorgeous color here. Thanks Aubrey, for the introduction to this artist's work.

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