Monday, March 13, 2017

Inuit Tapestries for Babe's Room

1960s Inuit Applique Hide and Felt Tapestry 16 x 27 $78 Etsy Shop EarnestineArt

Inuit Wall Hanging, $195 Etsy Shop WestCoastEmporium

Inuit Eskimo Art Tapestry Wallhanging, 36x36 $400, Etsy Shop ManitouArts

Ugh why is everything intended for a baby's room so simultaneously boring, pedestrian and expensive?  It's the new wedding industry.  No.  Little babies deserve interesting looking things, especially since they have never seen anything else.  They just got eyes!

  I've been very deep into corners of the Etsy world and discovered these fantastic Inuit wall tapestries mostly coming  from the 70s.  They feel so perfect for above a crib, simple shapes in dramatic value shifts (apparently babies are obsessed with black and white and graphic things?) and soft and beautiful and most importantly real artworks that are unique and cared for in their making.  I will give you this -- pottery barn kids has a better photographer, some of these shops need to get a little natural light involved...aside from that I think there is potential for a trend, just saying...


Sabrina Mascarenhas said...

Hello there, I was looking to read some interesting blogs by artists and stumbled onto yours. You are quite, It does take some time looking around for meaningful books, toys, clothes, etc. It is all highly commercialised now.

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