Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Baby DIYs

I'm having a baby boy in February.  It's getting exciting.  I'm going to continue teaching and painting but I know things will change.  Working hard to get ready for two shows and a residency in Ireland in May, which Alex and baby will come along for.  In the midst of these things I'm trying to get ready for baby in reading books and getting his room ready.  

Being a painter and person who cares about the color, shape and surface of things I feel like there are two main roads to go down.  The loud fisher price plastic neon road or the million dollar faux amish hipster road.  Feels a lot like wedding planning: small budget, specific taste.

I've decided less is more, especially since we will have so little stuff in Ireland.  I'm keeping it simple and trying to put care into a couple special things.  One is an old lamp from when I was a kid that I repainted.

Freshly Painted...

The other thing I did is make an 'activity gym'.  This is something you see on Etsy and Pottery Barn and wherever else for over $100.  When I saw one in person I realized I can make this with leftover wood from making frames.   Its very simple.  So it only ended up costing the price of the dowel, something like $5.  Then I can buy or make some cute toys to attach.

left: Land of Nod $30(handy like mom, not dad haha) right: Ukranian Etsy Shop LanaCrocheting $20


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